Travel Report from Dubai by Nakamura Sensei

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Arab Gasshuku participants

This was my first Gasshuku in Dubai, UAE. Sensei Vjeesh (3rd dan) is the head of the IOGKF UAE. Dubai is a very beautiful city with many of the world’s biggest, tallest, etc… Sensei Vjeesh took me to the world’s tallest tower right next to the world’s biggest shopping mall, and we saw the world’s biggest water fountain. He also took me to the the world’s most luxurious hotel (the Burj Al Arab Jumeirah) for lunch. At the gasshuku, we had members from UAE, Denmark, Tanzania and Israel. Most of the members in UAE are Indian people and they are very kind and friendly. I surely had a wonderful time. Thank you Sensei Vjeesh and all participants!!

Dubai FrameThe world's largest picture frame
Posing for a picture with Sensei Vijeesh
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