Travel Report from Okinawa by Senpai Jordan

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Getting to spend three weeks in Okinawa training in Higaonna sensei’s dojo was an absolute dream come true. It was great seeing so many IOGKF friends, old and new, from around the world in Okinawa for a week of training under Higaonna sensei. One big thing I noticed during this week was everyone’s desire to share information. When Higaonna sensei had us paired up with senior instructors doing bunkai everyone wanted to learn how it was done in other countries. There was no ego and I think that really shows the quality of the members in our organization.

It was great to see Higaonna sensei looking so well, he came down to the dojo and taught several nights which was amazing to experience. Just as much as his teaching I enjoyed his little stories and history lessens that he usually ended class with. My trip was filled with plenty of “lightbulb” moments and I return to Canada with lots to work on. Outside of training Okinawa was a beautiful island to explore and I’m glad I got to see so much of it between training sessions. The people are some of the friendliest I have ever met and everyone just wants to share their culture with you. I had a random Japanese man and his friends take me out to dinner just because it was my first time in Okinawa and he wanted to make sure I experienced real Okinawan food! I highly encourage everyone to go whenever they get the opportunity. I know I’ll be back!

Thank you so much for the opportunity to take this trip.

Arigatou gozaimashita,

Jordan Galloway-Booth

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