Travel Report from Romania by Nakamura Sensei

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I was invited to teach at the Romanian Gasshuku by Sensei Cristian Lambrea. He asked me to come a few days before the Gasshuku as he had a special surprise for me. Upon arriving at the Bucharest airport, he and some of his students drove me to the Danube Delta, a UNESCO protected site. The waters of the Danube river, which flow into the Black Sea, form the largest and best preserved of Europe’s deltas. This place is so beautiful. We had a one-day tour with a local guide from the fishing village. He took us into the delta and showed us amazing nature!! From the delta, Sensei Lambrea took me to the Black Sea and then we came back to Bucharest. In Bucharest, he also took me to the biggest Spa in Europe. There are a lot of different kinds of spas and saunas. I surely enjoyed it. As a Japanese, I love Onsen (hot spring) and spa.

There were over 150 members who came from Romania and Bulgaria. Romanian children love to hug. After every class, many Romanian children came up to me and hugged me. They all trained hard! Thank you Sensei Cristian, Adriana, and all members of IOGKF Romania for yourgreat hospitality!

I received a very nice gift from IOGKF Romania that reminds me how important my family is. I wish one day I will become a master of the art. As I get older, I have more responsibility as a father, a husband, a head of the Dojo and organization, etc… But my dream has not changed since my childhood. One day I want to become a Martial Arts master, and I know what I need to do to achieve it. Keep training, and never give up! Thank you IOGKF Romania for a great gift! I will try my best to become a great master!

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