Grand Opening of Shushinkan Dojo in Windsor, Ontario

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I attended new Shushinkan dojo opening ceremony last Saturday, March 23. This was my third visit to Shushinkan in Windsor. Sensei Genaro from Toronto, Sensei Chris and his students from Brampton and Sensei Michelina from Shudokan were there to cerebrate this special day with Sensei Ali Awad and students of Shushinkan. I was very impressed the beautiful design and size of new dojo. There is plenty of space for students and their parents, beautiful Tatami mat on the floor and paintings on the wall. At the cerebration, I was even more impressed by the quality of karate, manners, respect and family atmosphere of their students and families. Sensei Ali quit his professional carrier as a engineer few years ago, and became full time Karate-ka. Since then, his dojo has been growing rapidly and he now has over 140 students. Congratulations Sensei Ali and all students of Shushinkan!!

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