2019-04 Zen & Karate Gasshuku with Sensei Paolo Spongia

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It was very nice to have Sensei Paolo visit Shudokan again. In 2011, Sensei Paolo was the first guest instructor to come to Shudokan after we opened our new dojo. After that first visit, many students requested that I invite him again. He surely left very strong impression with our members. This time, Sensei Paolo came with Sensei Beppe, one of the senior instructors of IOGKF Italy and of his dojo, Torakan Dojo. During the Gasshuku, we practice Zen meditation as well as Goju-Ryu karate. It was very inspiring to hear the story of his Zen training as well as to learn about the relationship he has with his master. Thank you Sensei Paolo for the excellent Gasshuku! Also it was very nice to have Sensei Beppe fist time in Canada!

Here are some galleries of photos from the event:

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