2019-05-04 Sakura Festival Event Report by Sensei Victor Mangialardo

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On May 4th, Shudokan once again participated in the Burlington Sakura Festival. This is a celebration of the blooming of cherry blossoms which signals Spring and is very important in the Japanese culture. This one-day event draws hundreds of spectators to the Art Gallery of Burlington and includes many Japanese cultural performances.

The day began with our own Do Kon Daiko group’s rousing taiko performance, followed by a karate demonstration and various forms of Japanese music and dancing.

For our demonstration, 20 Shudokan members, as young as 6 years old, demonstrated kihon basics (blocks, punches and kicks) and Gekisai Dai Ichi kata to count.

Then families performed Saifa as a group and brown belts and higher ranks did Seiyunchin kata.

Sensei Joe and Senpai Sita performed Seipai.

Prior to our demonstration I explained to the audience that our goal as an organization is to assist in producing good citizens though training and that respect is the main take away from our training. Respect for ourselves and for others and that without respect, karate is just violence.

During the kata performances I mentioned that all kata, regardless of level, begins with a defensive block and only then is there a response. I reminded them of the words of our founder Chojun Miyagi “Do not strike others but do not let others strike you. The concept is peace without conflict”.

Following kata we did some light/fun sparring and the audience really enjoyed it.

We had a great dojo turnout and everyone performed at a high level. I am very proud of our members.

Here are some photos, kindly taken and shared by Roman Boldyrev:

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