2019 Okinawa Karate Gishiki Travel Report by Nathan L.


The Japan trip was great! We got to train with a bunch of different Sensei, and I learned so much about Karate and Japan in general. Below are a few highlights of the trip.

Something that really stuck with me while I was training was when Sensei Masuyama (Sweden) showed us fast-paced Sanchin Kata, which led me to understand that when you twist your fist back to original position, it is a block! Another thing that stuck with me was when Sensei Paul (England) was doing partner work, and he told me that because my partner was taller than me I should kick the back of their knee to bring them down far enough for me to get a better choke hold on them.

My family and I went all around Okinawa, and a place that was really memorable for me was Shuri Castle. I saw that the steps were sloped so that liquid (more accurately burning oil or pitch) could pour down the steps onto intruders. It also had huge gates that were several meters across. Another thing that I noticed in Japan that it was so safe there! You could leave an unlocked bike out for an hour and no one would steal it! People would continue to walk around during the late evening because there was no fear of anything there, and I wish we could feel that safe in Canada.

Anyway, it was a great trip and I hope we will be able to go back again sometime in the near future. I’d really like to see all the Sensei again and I hope they made it home all well and good.

Nathan L., 1st Kyu, Shudokan Family Karate Centre

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