Sensei Spencer Warren

3rd Dan

Sensei Spencer began his training in 1997 under Sensei Jim Marinow to pursue a long time interest in the self-defence techniques of martial arts.  He received his Shodan on June 21, 2008.

Sensei Spencer’s first training goal is fitness and this is reflected in his teaching of the Friday night ‘irikumi’ (sparring) class where he inspires students to work hard to improve their mental and physical fortitude.


  • First-Aid and CPR certified

Sensei Spencer also places a strong emphasis on becoming competent in the techniques we learn, as this is the real goal of any martial arts training. In addition to karate, he also enjoys gardening and skiing

I had been interested in the self-defence techniques of martial arts for many years because they seemed so brilliantly constructed.  I was aware that these techniques would require a lot of practice to become useful.  But as a young man, I knew I didn’t have the discipline to stick with it.  Eventually, I found the fortitude to start and stick with it.