Sensei Russ Hallam

3rd Dan

Sensei Russ started practicing karate in 1994 to relieve stress and has loved it ever since. He received his black belt on March 4, 2000 as part of the first group of students to be graded to Shodan by Nakamura Sensei.

Sensei Russ’ training goals are to become more patient, improve his techniques and gain additional confidence.


  • First-Aid and CPR
  • Private Pilot certified May 19 1986
  • Night Rating Endorsement Sept 13 1988

Sensei Russ’ teaching philosophy varies depending upon the student(s) or class but he mainly focuses on etiquette and tradition.

Etiquette and tradition are very important to me as this is what I was shown so I feel I have to carry it on to whomever I am teaching.