Family Class Schedule
Tuesday 6:50pm 7:30pm
Thursday 6:50pm 7:30pm
Saturday (Junior & Family) 10:30am 11:20am

Life is very busy these days, and parents must work very hard and often don’t have enough time to spend with their children. Shudokan offers Family Martial Arts Classes where both parents and children, or siblings can train together in the same class, where there are many partner exercises for the family to work together.

When it comes to the technical portion, classes will be divided into smaller groups so students can train according to their age and skill level. Beginner students focus on basics Рblocks, kicks, punches, and basic combinations. Advanced students practice their kata, or work on improving specific techniques.

At the end of the class, time is set aside for some fun games that everyone can enjoy together. Children vs. adults human bowling and free-for-all capture the flag are some of the favourites!