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SHUDOKAN FAMILY KARATE CENTRE is dedicated to bringing great martial arts programs (Okinawan Goju-Ryu Karate) and services to the City of Burlington, Ontario and the surrounding area. Our members join for many different reasons such as Fitness, Self Defense, Wellness, Competition, and Personal Development. Whatever your reasons for starting, we will help you better yourself in a fun and exciting atmosphere. Our World Class Team Of Karate Educators will always provide the highest level of martial arts experience for all students at all levels.

Shudokan is a proud member of the International Okinawan Goju-Ryu Karatedo Federation (I.O.G.K.F) and is the I.O.G.K.F. hombu dojo (world headquarters).

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IOGKF MAGAZINE - AUGUST 2015 EDITION is only a few more days from release! This edition features all never before seen articles, including our exclusive interview with Sensei Tetsuji Nakamura. Also featured is Goju-ryu Orgins: the Aragaki family legacy, Women of Karate, MCF 2015 report, 60 seconds with Sensei Torben Svendsen, Faces of IOGKF, the history of the world budosai and more...Enjoy our latest cover art!

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Nakamura Sensei will be in Humburg, Germany in September.
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Nakamura Sensei in Windhoek, Namibia
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Nakamura Sensei is teaching in Namibia this weekend.

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Our Classes

Pee-Wee Class

An age specific martial arts education program for ages 3 & 4 / 5 & 6. This class is a mix of fun and discipline. Children will learn the basic skills of Karate, develop fine motor and listening skills as well as respect for others.

Junior Class

An age specific martial arts education program for ages 7 & 8. Children will learn the basic techniques and philosophy of traditional karate such as respect, trying one’s best, and being a good person.

Family Class

Shudokan offers Family Martial Arts Classes where both parents and children, or siblings can train together in the same class, where there are many partner exercises for the family to work together.

Teen & Adult Class

Students will begin to learn the depth of this Okinawan fighting art that has been passed down through generations. Traditional martial arts are designed to train for one’s whole life, so students may start at any age and physical condition and will learn at their own pace and ability.

Our Values


Respect is a core value in Karate. Students are taught to show respect to one another and to their senpai (senior students) and sensei (teachers).


Karate requires self-control, often self-restraint and therefore self-belief in one’s abilities. Only through discipline can one become successful and reach the higher levels.


Courage allows students to overcome challenges, reach for their goals, and become successful in whatever they do.

Canada’s Premier Karate Dojo

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A Great Place to Train

  • Age-Specific Martial Arts Programs
  • World-Class Instructors
  • Flexible Schedule for Working Parents
  • Family-Oriented Friendly Community
  • Large 6,000 Square Foot Custom-Built Facility
  • Traditional Equipment Training Area
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You just don’t have to take our word for it.

Try It Free

Come in today to try a free trial class. See for yourself why our families join and remain members for a lifetime of Karate!

Get Started!
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  • As parents with very little knowledge of Karate we didn’t know which dojo to enroll our son in. Our research led us to Shudokan mainly based on the fact that we are privileged to have an internationally renowned, and IOGKF world chief instructor (Sensei Nakamura) in our own backyard in Burlington. That was an opportunity that we had to take advantage of and it’s been the best decision not only for our son, but for the entire family. The teachings are very effective and they keep the children engaged, the atmosphere is very welcoming and the parents are always friendly. In addition, any member will quickly notice how sincere the organization is by the level of attention and detail the instructors give to each child and through the extracurricular activities they put on each year such as the Halloween party, summer picnic, etc.. We are proud to be a part of the Shudokan Family Karate Centre and it we are happy to know that we made the right decision for our son.

    Nick G.Father of Peewee Class Student
  • My 8 year old son has been a member of Shudokan for the past year and he absolutely loves it and doesn't want to miss a class! The children learn traditional karate while having fun. More importantly, the children get a well balanced work-out of endurance, self-respect and respect for others and inner-peace. Sensei Nakamura and Sensei Vic and Senpei Joe are awesome with the children !

    Marie S.Mother of Student in Junior Class
  • Very clean & my kids love it. Lots of space-parents viewing area has clear view of the floor. Large training floor and changerooms. Very professional and my kids have a ball with Sensei Nakamura. Very bright open concept. I highly recommend this place.

    Parent of Student in Peewee Class
  • I highly recommend Shudokan Family Centre. It has a great atmosphere and my kids love to attend all their classes. Sensei Nakamura is highly qualified and internationally recognized. He trains all the other instructors to maintain a high quality teaching.

    Parent of Student in Junior Class
  • Shudokan Family Karate and Fitness Centre truly is a family centre. Our whole family has been involved with this dojo since 2002 when our daughter Sita and my husband Krishna joined. I joined one year later and then our son Jayant became one of the first Pee Wees when he turned 5. Both of our children have grown up in this dojo and have become disciplined, hard working, confident young people because of their continued involvement in the dojo. For Krishna and I, the dojo has developed us both not only physically, but mentally and socially as well! It is the wonderful people in our dojo that keep us motivated and coming back for more. We have developed so many friendships and feel very lucky to be a part of this wonderful group. We have world class instructors at Shudokan who get us to "strive to reach the essence of Goju Ryu". We have done so much because of this dojo and our membership with the IOGKF. We have trained in Okinawa (twice!), Catania (Sicily), Chambly (Quebec), Niagara Falls and Ann Arbor (Michigan) with IOGKF members from around the world. We have also participated in tournaments, and demonstrations which have boosted our confidence and pushed us to be better karateka. We, as a family love to train together and to learn together here at Shudokan. The family that trains in Goju Ryu together, stays together, and that's what we consider Shudokan to be...our family.

    Sareeta G.Member and mother of two students
  • Great investment for me and my children. I have been training at Shudokan for 7 years and still enjoy the growth in my overall health and karate experience. The instructors here (and through their international affiliation) have a tremendous depth of knowledge from which I am constantly learning. They personally instruct the children classes and seem genuinely interested in the children’s welfare beyond just training at the dojo. They seamlessly accommodate my eldest son, diagnosed with Autism, and celebrate his efforts just like they do for every child. I’ve seen the growth in both my boys’ body awareness and am grateful that it is done in an environment where they are happy to get ready for “dojo time.” This school truly has a family atmosphere. There are over 20 families with two or more members training. In fact, there are two families in which every member is a black belt! Nakamura Sensei cares about his students and their progress. There is a wonderful feeling of community in this school.

    Member and parent of a junior member
  • Karate is one of the best things I have ever introduced into my life. You are getting a physical and mental work out all at the same time. All of the instructors are highly knowledgeable and skilled and very patient and friendly as well as the members. I would highly recommend it for adults and children.

    Michelina C.Student
  • The training you will receive at Shudokan is quite simply the best. Traditional Karate as it's been taught for centuries, with a modern and welcoming atmosphere. All types of practitioners are welcome; from those who want a hobby, to those who want physical and mental strength, and to those who want more. The level of benefit is only dependent upon your level of effort and commitment, however there is something here for everyone. If you're uncertain, don't be; try something new at Shudokan and you'll thank yourself for it later. As someone who's been training for half his life, I can't imagine spending my time anywhere else or for such a incredible experience happening anywhere else.

    Adult Student
  • What better place to learn karate than from the Japanese, they are the masters of it. This dojo I know by the reputation of the Sensei and truly I believe it has the best training in Martial arts in Burlington. Guided by Sensei Nakamura, the Chief instructor for Canada, the students range from 4 to 70. It appears from what I have seen that the students are well instructed and respect both the Sensei and the dojo . The organization, IOGKF is perhaps the best in the world leading the martial arts field which the Chief instructor world wide, 10Th Dan Sensei Morio Higaonna is without doubt the supreme true martial artist alive on this planet today. IF a family is looking for a place to place their child for karate instruction, without a doubt I recommend Shudokan Family Martial Arts Centre. It’s a total family training centre.

    Adult Student
  • An Incredible Dojo where everyone learns respect and has a great time from very competent instructors. Traditional Karate at its best in a remarkable atmosphere of learning, fitness and fun. Train your mind and body. Sensei Nakumura as chief instructor for Canada in the IOGKF supervises your progress and lets you move on to the next stage of your training.

    Adult Student
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